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TERRABAZAR is the oldest terrarium marketplace in Prague founded by Terrarium Association of Prague. After a long time this marketplace relocated closer to the underground station "Pankrác". It takes place regularly once per month.

Online tickets have priority for entry than tickets by cash.

What you can see on TERRABAZAR:

  • Terrarium animals 
    All species of terrarium animals directly from breeders such as: turtles, snakes, geckos, lizards, chameleons, spiders, bugs, exotic birds, guinea pigs, frogs, hedgehogs, rabbits, mice etc.
  • Aquarium and terrarium plants
    There is a huge choice of aquarium and terrarium plants from growers.
  • Feeds
    You can find there also a large selection of feed: dry, live and frozen food such as Crickets, larvae, mice,  rodents and vitamin supplements.
  • Terrariums and aquariums
    All types of terrarium such as simple or fully equipped, specialized lamps and bulbs, heaters, incubators, substrates, decorative branches and bark. There is a possibility to order gluing aquariums and terrariums by its dimensions. Free expert consultation directly from terrarists and breeders with wide experience in the terrarium branch.
  • Ceramics
    Large selection of handmade bowls, troughs, dwellings and hiding places for aquarium and terrariums.
  • Literature
    You can also buy some special literature: Czech and foreign specialized books and magazines.
  • Free consultation
    We can offer you the consultation with the veterinary surgeons MVDr. Sebastian Franco, an expert on reptiles.
  • Exotic birds
    Exotic birds directly from breeders under control  Organisation Laguna.
  • Refreshment

If you are terraristic beginer, TERRABAZAR is the best place for you. Only on TERRABAZAR you can buy quality animals directly from breeders and also buy every important equipments for good living for animal of your. Every animals, qualite flowers directly from growers and equitments you can buy per suitable prices. On every action is veteriner with dept experience, at which you can check your new animal, or ask him for another adding information. We look forward for common meeting on TERRABAZAR.