For sellers:

In case you would be interested in exhibiting at our sales exhibition, please, register here:

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On our exhibition you can also donate / exchange your animals reproduced excessively.

Registration of a new seller must be sent as soon as possible. Places of sales are unlimited! After the registration you will receive from us by e-mail our confirmation of booking and further information. Exceptionally, you can register by phone. In that case, please, call: +420 606 379 809.

The exhibition will be opened for the sellers from 6:00 a.m. As soon as you arrive, please, firstly, report to the organizer (no later than 8:00 a.m. - there starts the registration and inspection of animals. The organizer will introduce to you The Regulations on the Protection of Animals as well as the Operating rules of TERRABAZAR. He will show you your place. Please, be so kind and bring with you your own extension cord.

Table 120x80 cm 350,- CZK
Prepaid* Table 120x80 cm 300,- CZK
Desk 120x55 cm 300,- CZK
Prepaid* desk 120x55 cm 250,- CZK
Birds Free
Guinea pigs, rabbits Free

* Prepaid - Lease of place for advantageous price from January to June or from September to December.

Cages for Birds is possible lend for free.

Parking is free around the school (Blue zones are free during weekends). Snack bar is available.



Recommendations from the Municipal Veterinary Administration in Prague:

  1. Boxes should be opaque, with only the lid being transparent - only one side should be see-through (for the comfort of the animals and to minimize stress, transparent boxes can be covered with painter's tape or separated from others by paper).
  2. Carriers must have sufficient air, warmth, and light.
  3. Animals must have a suitable substrate, and chameleons need branches.
  4. Aquatic species must have water with an option for dry land, or enough water so they don't have to swim constantly, species that prefer moisture need a moist substrate.
  5. The size of the carriers should allow the animals to turn around (for lizards, 1.5 times the length of the body, 1/3 of the length for snakes, twice the carapace for turtles, the height of the box 2 times the height of the body and for tree-dwelling species 3 times, rodents at least half the floor area free).
  6. Animals should be placed in the box individually (this does not apply to social animals that would suffer alone, pairs only if they do not stress each other).
  7. Sale of physically exhausted, sick, or suspected of being sick, pregnant females is prohibited.
  8. Mammals must have suitable bedding, shelter (nocturnal), water, and feeding - feed animals at least water.
  9. All animals should be placed at table height.
  10. Only a veterinarian may probe (veterinary supervision).
  11. Sale of offspring incapable of independent food intake is prohibited.

 Box size

TERRABAZAR Velikost prepravky

  Useful instructions:

  • The entry for the sellers is from 6:00 a.m.
  • As soon as you arrive, please, find the organizer.
  • All sellers and their assistants will sign a personal instruction, consent to the animal protection order, and the operating rules with the organizer.
  • All the sellers and their team must visibly wear the labels with TERRABAZAR logo so they can be identified throughout the event because of the organizational and safety reasons.
  • If you park close to the entrance to the hall, please, take out your goods as soon as possible and park your car to the parking lot so the other sellers could do the same as you as fast as possible.
  • Place a visible note with your name and phone number on your car's window in case you're blocking someone's parking.
  • All the animals must be secured during the transportation and sale to prevent their escape.
  • All animals must be protected and sold carefully. In case of a fall of a box where the animal is carried to the ground the animal shoud not be able to escape!
  • The vet control starts from 8:00 am (until then all the exhibited animals must be on the marketplace, on the table).
  • The exhibition is opened for public from 8:30 a.m.
  • Do not pour dirty water into the sink, but into the toilet.
  • Stick to the rules and avoid the damage of the place of exhibition as well as of its equipment.
  • In the case of the escape of any animal, immediately announce that fact to the organizer!!!

  • Smoking is prohibited.
  • Refreshments will be available since the morning.


    The end of the event is at 12:00 (It is not allowed to leave earlier unless you asked permission to do so.
  • We ask everyone to follow the instructions of the organizer.

  • The area of the exhibition is controlled by the camera system.
  • Enjoy your visit at TERRABAZAR and be kind to each other :-).

  • Thank you.

 Registration for the seller